Star-studded Paper Crane at KL PAC Jul27


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Star-studded Paper Crane at KL PAC

ROAX TAN, Elaine Lee, Ho Soon Yoon, Colin Kirton, Amelia Tan, Kimmy Kiew and Patrick Teoh star in Paper Crane at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre @ Sentul Park from tonight until August 19.

The musical, directed by Joe Hasham and produced by Datuk Faridah Merican, also features a seven-piece live band performing 15 original Broadway-style numbers.

Throw in co-stars Alvin Teoh, Angel Chang, Angeline Ang, Aple Ang, Emily Ong, Greggory Chew, Hilda Looi, Jayson Phuah, Keok Choon Leong, Kian Pitman, Looi Wai Yee, Mark Beau de Silva, Melissa Ong, Omar Ali, Rosheen Fatima, Teoh Siew Thung and Wong Chin Chia and you can be sure that Paper Crane is set to be another irresistable musical treat.

The show is all about the rise and fall of a music star.

Armed with just a dream, Ah Kit joins a Cantonese Opera troupe. Through an unfortunate turn of events, he manages to draw the wrath of the reigning superstar, Fui Koh, and is hired as a lowly stage hand. As he earns his place in the troupe, he befriends apprentice Siu Ngau and catches the attention of the manager’s daughter, Fei Mui, and the manager who sees Ah Kit’s potential.

As love blossoms between Fei Mui and Ah Kit, the friction between the aspiring star and Fui Koh increases.

An inevitable showdown follows. To what lengths will each go to protect what they hold so dearly? Paper Crane is performed in Cantonese with some English. Scene by scene descriptions in English will be provided.

The show will also be performed at Penang PAC, Straits Quay, from August 25 to September 2.

Tickets are priced from RN40 to RM100, For purchases and performance times, call 03 4047 9000, 03 2142 2009, 03-2143 2009 (KL) or 04 8991 722, 04 899 2722 (Penang).

Source from: theMalay.Mail